The Trendiest Kitchen Tile Designs of 2019By Nikki Kingsley
It should come as no surprise that tiles represent one of the most important materials for designing or remodeling a kitchen. The surprise for homeowners is learning about how trendy kitchen tile designs change from year to year. What was once fashionably in vogue might have faded from the minds of home décor specialists in 2019.
Green Living: Creating A Cozy, Eco-Friendly HomeBy Tony Mers
With sustainability being at the forefront of everyone’s minds in recent years, doing your part to contribute to a healthy environment is more important than ever. Luckily, going green has a wealth of advantages to offer every homeowner who makes the switch. From insulation to flooring (and everything in between), here are a few ways you can upgrade your living spaces to contribute to that bright, green future.
Leading with Design in Both WorldsBy Alannah Sandehl
At IDM Brand, we work with clients who are well-known and respected in the design community. We develop and activate social media and digital marketing strategies to get attention of architects, designers, installers and the end consumer As digital marketing professionals working with design clients, we attended the 50th year of Neocon - the largest annual commercial interior design show in North America - to learn and discover new trends developing in the industry.
Disney Land of FurnitureBy Alannah Sandehl
Welcome to the Disney Land of Furniture. High Point Market is the largest furniture industry trade show in the world. Taking place in High Point, North Carolina, this massive show represents over 100 countries, spans over 180 buildings, has 11.5 million square feet of show space, over 2000 exhibitors, and 75,000 attendees from all walks of life.
Greenbuild 2018: The Future of Sustainable Building DesignBy Alannah Sandehl
Last week, the IDM team hit the Greenbuild floor, the nation’s largest conference and expo dedicated to sustainable building design and construction. We spent our time on-site talking to brands that are committed to thoughtful and ethical solutions that promote wellness and resiliency in construction and urban development.