Inspire Brand Love
Bring together all your social and user-generated content into a simple and unified interface.
How it works
Connect Connect your social media accounts to Social Kiwi. If you are running a campaign, add a hashtag.
Customize Social Kiwi takes posts and images published on social networks and displays the content in beautiful new ways, making the content more exciting and interactive.
Monitor Block offensive or negative content, and use keyword filters to automatically remove posts.
Display Extend your reach, run a contest and activate your audience with a integrated social media wall, branded website and contest microsite.
Analyze Turn social trends into action. Discover your audience. Analyze your campaigns. Use social data to prove ROI. Learn where your fans are engaging.
Increase the value of your social media content
Elevate relationships with your fans
Run successful social media contest
About Us
Social Kiwi is a fruit of love nurtured by a team of female entrepreneurs who helped ‘good for you’ brands to win hearts and minds of their best customer since 2001. Embracing latest technology and AI, we designed Social Kiwi solutions to help companies to bring together and leverage their content to create a highly personalized experience with web, mobile, and experiential marketing applications. Social Kiwi streams content from selected social media platforms by categories, campaigns, target audiences, likes, engagement and any other criteria that will make your content relevant, original, impactful and dear to your fans hearts and minds. We will help you to achieve the ultimate goal of marketing - Create More Brand Love
Create a Social Media Feed. Aggregate all of your brands’ social media posts into a single beautiful social media feed and put user generated content at the heart of your marketing. Find the perfect plan for you.
The perfect solution for social hubs on websites and campaign landing pages
  • a 10 sources/hashtags
  • a 10 hour update times
  • a 3 users
  • a Basic branding
  • a Basic moderation
  • a Analytics
  • $229/mo
    Choose Performance
    Billed Monthly
    Choose Performance
    Billed Annually
    Bring curated social content to screens and websites with our premium themes
  • a 20 sources/hashtags
  • a 5 hour update time
  • a 7 users
  • a Advanced branding
  • a Custom CSS
  • a Moderation
  • a Advanced analytics
  • $299/mo
    Choose Growth
    Billed Monthly
    Choose Growth
    Billed Annually
    Create unique experiences with our API and a customized solution for your needs
  • a Unlimited sources/hashtags
  • a 15 minutes update time
  • a Unlimited users
  • a Advanced branding
  • a Advance moderation
  • a Custom CSS
  • a Advanced analytics
  • a Advanced support
  • a API access