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The Best Instagram Tools in 2024 (Top 20+)

Feb 4, 2024

Stephanie B.

8 min read

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In the dynamic world of Instagram, staying ahead means leveraging the right tools to enhance your content, streamline your workflow, and engage your audience effectively. 2024 brings an array of powerful tools designed to elevate your Instagram game. Whether you're a content creator, marketer, or brand, understanding and utilizing these tools can significantly boost your Instagram strategy.

Key Insights

Essential Instagram Tools for 2024

Comprehensive Social Media Management: SocialKiwi

SocialKiwi is not just a tool; it's your complete social media management ally. Designed with both social media agencies and small businesses in mind, SocialKiwi offers a suite of features to manage your Instagram presence effectively. From scheduling content and analyzing post performance to crafting stunning bio links and meticulously planning your feed, SocialKiwi has got you covered. Standout features include a visual feed planner, ensuring your Instagram aesthetic is consistently on point. Affordably priced and user-friendly, SocialKiwi is your go-to platform for managing your Instagram and beyond. Check out more at SocialKiwi.

Streamlined Content Creation: Canva

Canva continues to dominate as a versatile content creation tool, offering over 60,000 templates for your Instagram needs. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with a vast library of fonts, animations, and stock resources, ensures your content stands out. The Pro version takes it up a notch with brand kits, advanced scheduling options, and more, making it a top pick for content creators aiming for professionalism and efficiency.

Visually Stunning Graphics: Adobe Spark

For those who prioritize aesthetics and design, Adobe Spark is your playground. Dive into a world of 26,000+ templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Spark specializes in textual graphics, offering a cleaner alternative to Canva, ideal for designers and creators aiming for a sleek, professional look.

Simplified Design: Pablo by Buffer

Pablo, brought to you by Buffer, strips down the content creation process to its essentials. It's the perfect tool for beginners or those seeking a minimalist approach. Free stock images, straightforward text overlay options, and fuss-free exporting options make Pablo a gem for straightforward graphic design.

Video Editing Powerhouses

Mobile Video Mastery: InShot

InShot stands out as a robust video editing app, perfect for on-the-go creators. Its comprehensive toolkit, including a music library, trimming options, and effects, caters to all your mobile video editing needs. InShot is especially adept at creating content for Instagram stories, feed videos, and IGTV.

Creative Video Editing: TikTok

Ironically, TikTok, Instagram's fierce competitor, offers superior video editing capabilities. Utilize TikTok's editor to craft captivating stories, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or tutorials, then seamlessly share them on Instagram or repurpose them as scheduled posts.

Professional Video Editing: Adobe Rush

Adobe Rush brings the prowess of Adobe Premiere Pro to your mobile devices and desktop. Perfect for editing horizontal videos for YouTube or transforming them into Instagram-friendly vertical formats, Rush is a must-have for creators who value versatility and professional-grade editing.

Optimizing Post Scheduling

Official Scheduling: Creator Studio

Creator Studio, from Facebook, is the official scheduler for managing content across Instagram and Facebook. Ideal for budding social media managers or those on a tight budget, it offers basic analytics and the exclusive ability to schedule IGTV videos and Facebook Stories.

Mobile-Friendly Scheduling: Preview App

For creators who prefer mobile-centric content creation and scheduling, Preview is a match made in heaven. It offers drag-and-drop scheduling, a curated hashtag library, and intuitive editing tools. While it's convenient for managing single accounts, multiple account management can be more challenging.

Advanced Social Media Management: Hootsuite

Hootsuite caters to the seasoned social media strategist managing multiple accounts. Though its free version is somewhat limited, its paid plans unlock a wealth of features, including auto-scheduling for numerous profiles, unlimited posts, and in-depth analytics. A free 60-day trial lets you test the waters before committing, making Hootsuite a powerful contender for comprehensive social media management.

Instagram Story and Video Tools

Engaging Stories: Canva Stories

Canva extends its capabilities to Instagram Stories with Canva Stories. Loaded with free templates, this standalone app enables you to create branded, visually appealing story graphics effortlessly, ensuring consistency and style.

Custom Branding: Over

Over allows you to create custom transparent stickers and download them in PNG format, perfect for enhancing the brand consistency in your Instagram Stories. The desktop version facilitates faster and more precise design work, making it a great tool for detailed, brand-aligned story creation.

Animated Story Creation: Mojo

Mojo is the go-to app for creating animated stories and videos with ease. With an array of customizable templates, you can add images, music, and text, creating professional-looking videos in no time. Ideal for beginners, its paid plans offer additional customization options, including uploading your own fonts and logos.

Instagram Bio Link Tools

Website-like Bio Links: Milkshake

The Milkshake app enables you to craft a mini-website directly in your Instagram bio link. Add pages like "About Me," highlight your top products, and list multiple links, all manageable from your mobile device, no design or web skills necessary.

Simplistic Link Aggregation: Linktree

For a straightforward approach, Linktree allows you to create a single landing page with multiple links. It's minimalist and efficient, delivering on its promise of connecting your followers to multiple destinations. Note that advanced analytics features are part of their paid plans.

Feature-Rich Bio Links: SocialKiwi

SocialKiwi stands out by offering more than just link aggregation. It provides unique features like social media buttons, embedded YouTube videos, and thumbnail images for links, making it a versatile and feature-rich option for your Instagram bio.

Instagram Analytics and Insights

Comprehensive Analytics: SocialKiwi

SocialKiwi shines again with its robust analytics features. Track your follower growth, analyze content performance, monitor top hashtags, and more. It's an invaluable tool for social media managers and strategists looking to streamline their analytics and reporting processes.

Detailed Insights: Iconosquare

Iconosquare offers detailed analytics with beautiful charts and a comprehensive array of statistics to fine-tune your Instagram strategy. While it's a fantastic tool, smaller businesses or freelancers might find it slightly pricey.

Competitive Analysis: Ninjalitics

For those looking to keep an eye on their competition, Ninjalitics offers insights into what your competitors are doing on Instagram. From tracking hashtag usage to analyzing post engagement, it's a useful tool for strategic planning and competitive analysis.


Leveraging these top Instagram tools in 2024 can significantly enhance your content creation, scheduling, and analytics efforts. SocialKiwi stands out as a versatile and comprehensive platform for managing your Instagram presence, offering a range of features to streamline your social media strategy. Whether you're a small business, a bustling agency, or an individual creator, these tools are designed to elevate your Instagram game and help you achieve your social media goals.

Remember, the digital landscape is always evolving, and so should your strategy. Stay adaptable, keep exploring new tools, and continually refine your approach to stay ahead in the dynamic world of Instagram marketing.

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